The Circular Experiment

Smart Cities Case Study: July 2018

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Sisters Ashleigh and Jaine Morris are creating connected communities of the future through sustainable collaboration.

Maroochydore, an urban centre on the Sunshine Coast, is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations and fastest growing economies, home to over 30,000 small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

The Circular Experiment, Australia’s lead circular economy company, selected Ocean Street in the CBD of the Sunshine Coast for their flagship pilot project. Ocean Street in age, character and industry is representative of multi-use precincts across Australia.

It is a 220-metre one-way street with 56 small to medium enterprises, including 19 hospitality operators, six retail outlets and 31 service providers.

The Circular Experiment Ocean Street Project worked at the street and individual business level to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the application of six circular economy principles:

  1. resource efficiency for waste, electricity and water
  2. reverse logistics
  3. incentivised return – placemaking and gamification to encourage repeat business and good behaviour
  4. asset sharing, leasing and management – B2B asset sharing platform to swap, sell or lease space and assets
  5. servitisation – subscription models for services without asset overheads
  6. innovative technology solutions – IoT for waste, water and energy management.

Outcomes included development of a full-circle waste management solution engaging the entire value chain, waste avoidance using alternatives to single-use items and optimisation of waste management and collection; electricity conservation at businesses level to address behavioural change and operational inefficiencies, and at street level for system changes (for example: commercial solar solutions).

International cities looking for circular economy education, strategy and implementation should get in touch with The Circular Experiment.

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