Share your views on the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement

28 Jul 2021 Latest from Austrade

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) would like your opinion of the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA).

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Applications open for COALAR grants supporting sustainable Australia-Latin America projects

22 Jul 2021 Latest from Austrade

Applications are open for the Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) Grant Round for 2021–2022.

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Australian fire tank system to boost US firefighting efforts

21 Jul 2021 Latest from Austrade

Australian aerial firefighting company Helitak will play an expanded role in helping fight fires in the US after receiving FAA certification for its FT4500 Black Hawk Fire Tank.

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Australian parking-tech pioneer, KERB wins Kuala Lumpur ‘Smart City’ challenge

5 Jul 2021 Latest from Austrade

A Brisbane-based technology company that helps match car drivers with parking spots has won a major global technology challenge.

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Australian scientific technology to verify the provenance of UK lithium

5 Jul 2021 Latest from Austrade

Cornish Lithium will use Source Certain International’s scientific provenance verification technology to identify the origin of lithium mined in the UK.

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KISA brings accessible mobile phones to the UK

3 Jun 2021 Latest from Austrade

Innovative Australian health-tech company, KISA, has launched its global operations in the UK with an investment of around £6.1 million, creating 25 new skilled jobs.

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Malaysia and Australia enhance technology collaboration

19 May 2021 Latest from Austrade

A new initiative launched in May aims to improve Australia–Malaysia collaboration in digital transformation.

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Canned Australian wine puts fizz into India’s fast-growing wine market

13 May 2021 Latest from Austrade

Victoria-based Barokes Wines has become the first wine-maker to launch canned wine in India, despite the pandemic.

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Leggo’s sauces launches in India as Australian brands continue to grow

30 Apr 2021 Latest from Austrade

Australian food group, Simplot Australia, has launched its pasta and pizza sauces in India, despite the pandemic.

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Virtual trade events deliver the goods for Aussie agribusiness exporters

22 Apr 2021 Latest from Austrade

Australian agribusiness exporters are swapping their passports for their PCs and going online to find new markets and customers.

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Australia–India cyber partnership: New grants program kicks off

8 Jan 2021 Latest from Austrade

Applications are now open for a new Australian Government grants program. The program aims to encourage collaboration on new cyber technologies between Australian and Indian organisations.

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Middle East opportunities: health, food, education and mining webinars now online

1 Dec 2020 Latest from Austrade

Austrade’s flagship event for exporters to the Middle East – MENA Connections – was held virtually this year. One upside is that recordings of six key webinars are now available online.

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Australia signs world’s largest free trade agreement

26 Nov 2020 Latest from Austrade

Australia has signed up to the landmark Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade agreement.

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Rebound in Mexico gold mining opens fresh prospects

10 Nov 2020 Latest from Austrade

Gold production in Mexico’s COVID-19-hit mines has resumed and financial prospects look good. Mining companies want to meet increased global demand while prices remain high.

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New projects in Mexico’s silver mines trigger METS opportunities

10 Nov 2020 Latest from Austrade

Silver production has resumed in Mexico with a number of mines restarting operations. Companies are seeking to meet increased global demand while prices remain high.

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WA aquaculture eyes Taiwan’s growing seafood markets

9 Nov 2020 Latest from Austrade

Australian seafood exporters are diversifying markets in Asia – and Taiwan is proving receptive, according to Austrade in Taipei.

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Virtual tour showcases Melbourne water-harvesting expertise

16 Oct 2020 Latest from Austrade

Austrade in China has launched a prototype Virtual Reality (VR) tour that highlights Australia’s strengths in water harvesting and environment management in urban areas.

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Pacific survey says islands hard hit; border openings key to recovery

14 Oct 2020 Latest from Austrade

According to a recent survey, businesses that are based in Pacific island region have been impacted far more severely by the COVID-19 pandemic than Australian-owned businesses that also have operation ...

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Virtual bootcamp helps Australian digital health companies understand Chinese market

7 Oct 2020 Latest from Austrade

According to some metrics, China now leads the world in digital health adoption with 94 per cent of China’s healthcare professionals using a digital health technology or mobile application.

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Austrade’s Chengdu office celebrates 20 years

25 Sep 2020 Latest from Austrade

There are many important milestones in the long and productive trading relationship between Australia and China. One milestone occurred in 1921, when Australia’s first trade commissioner, Edward Selby ...

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