Mineral Technologies shares secrets of success in India

June 2020

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Mineral Technologies reveals seven success factors for its flourishing business in India.

Mineral Technologies is a global leader in mineral processing solutions and is part of the Downer Group, a leading provider of infrastructure services in Australia and New Zealand. The company has expertise across a wide range of minerals including iron ore, mineral and silica sands, coal, chromite, gold, tin, tungsten, tantalum and other fine minerals.

With teams based in major mining regions stretching across four continents, Mineral Technologies’ solutions incorporate metalllurgical testing, plant design and equipment supply – transforming ore bodies into valuable commodities for customers worldwide.

Recognised industry leadership

Mineral Technologies has 30 years’ experience in India. While many countries and companies have only recently prioritised the local market based on its scale and potential, Mineral Technologies has long understood the commercial power of both.

With offices in Kolkata, Kochi and Goa, Mineral Technologies is recognised as the ‘go-to partner’ for mineral processing solutions across the project lifecycle. Its Indian customers include producers of coal (including the Steel Authority of India), iron ore (such as NMDC, IBM and Tata Steel) and mineral sands (including Indian Rare Earths, VV Minerals and Trimex Sands).

Mineral Technologies is perhaps best known for its spiral technology, a form of gravity separation. The company is also a market-leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplier of centrifugal, magnetic and electrostatic separation equipment manufactured in-house to high ISO9001:2015 quality standards.

Seven secrets of success

With over three decades in India, Mineral Technologies has identified seven factors it describes as being important to its achievements in the market.

  1. Relationships matter

    Mineral Technologies has invested time and energy into developing positive relationships – not just with customers but also with a broad range of industry influencers. Technical presentations at conferences have also given the company an opportunity to develop connections.

  2. Local presence

    Knowing what to do in-market and what to retain at home is understood by Mineral Technologies. The company has offices in three important mining locations across India, and a testing facility at its Goa operation. Giving customers direct access to metallurgical testing has contributed to overall success. Local offices also help deliver cost-effective pricing and act as a practical response to certain trade barriers such as customs duties. Manufacturing locally also expedites the delivery of some equipment to customer projects.

  3. Always innovate

    India’s rapid urbanisation means infrastructure projects are plentiful and increasing in number. This in turn drives demand for iron ore and the raw materials of coal and industrial mineral producers. Mineral Technologies’ innovative solutions have allowed customers to improve productivity and project efficiencies.

  4. Consolidate a leadership position

    Being recognised around the world for its leadership in spiral separation equipment has helped Mineral Technologies to secure a prominent position in India. Today, the company designs, manufactures and supplies the MD range of gravity separation equipment and its Australian head office houses the world’s largest spiral manufacturing facility.

  5. Focus on quality control

    In an industry where compliance standards are critical, Mineral Technologies knows quality control can’t be compromised. To help ensure quality, it controls all of its technology and intellectual property from Australia.

  6. Have a long-term focus

    By establishing solid organisational structures to appropriately support the local market, Mineral Technologies has demonstrated the company’s long-term commitment to India. This includes sourcing and retaining expertise in local offices, backed up by key account managers. The company ensures these account managers can easily access Mineral Technologies’ global experience in mining equipment, technology and services (METS). This in turn means customers attach greater value to the commercial relationship, enhancing durability.

  7. Seek support from Austrade

    Mineral Technologies has described Austrade as ‘vital for market entry advice and introductions’. The company has worked with Austrade to explore and identify partners relevant to specific projects in particular regions. As it seeks to expand and grow across India, the company expects this engagement to continue.

Leveraging Australia’s expertise

As one of the world’s principal centres of mining activity, Australia is a recognised world leader in METS. Indian mining organisations are increasingly sourcing international METS resources to upgrade their own mining capabilities.

According to Glen D Costa, Regional Manager (India) for Mineral Technologies, his company has always focused on finding new, cost-effective and innovative solutions to shape the futre.

‘Mineral Technologies tackles specific issues in the Indian mineral-processing industry by drawing from the knowledge and expertise of modern Australian METS applications,’ he says.

The mining sector in India is also becoming less government-led. As private enterprise plays an ever-greater role in the sector, opportunities will increase – especially for those that can transform operations through new technologies, processes or expertise. Consequently, Austrade is working with a number of companies in India where Australia’s METS capabilities are in demand.

Quality checking spirals during metallurgical testing

Mineral Technologies’ signature spiral separating technology

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