Transcript: 54th Australian Export Awards

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James O’Loghlin >> This is essentially ladies and gentlemen, the best of the best. We have 12 category winners you’ve heard a bit about their stories and they are all fantastic stories of success, of innovation, of finding a market overseas, going out and get it and be incredibly successful.

The Hon. Steven Ciobo MP >> Collectively the people in this room have generated over 12.3 billion dollars in export sales just this last financial year and you provide employment to almost 35,000 people. You are the ones who were prepared to think beyond our shores, to take the leap into the unknown and while the face of our exports has changed enormously over time, the ambition and the drive of the people behind them, the ambition and the drive that you all embody here in this room tonight, has not changed.

Male Announcer >> And the winner is the Australian Honey Products.

Male Announcer >> The Business Services Award winner is Incat Crowther

Male Announcer >> The winner of the Creative Industries Award is Cutting Edge.

James O’Loghlin >> How important do you think embracing new technologies, new platforms has been for your success?

Ray Smith >> It has been absolutely imperative, we’ve had to evolve over time. When I first started in the industry, technology, the technology was everything. Now it’s about technology being open platform but having the right people, the right Queenslanders, the right Australians, the right people to operate that stuff and that’s where we’ve succeeded.

Female Announcer >> The winner of the Digital Technologies Award is Envato.

Female Announcer >> The e-Commerce Award tonight goes to

James O’Loghlin >> Many people think of Freelancer as being something for small business but do you have a range of clients a range of people who’s using you?

Christopher Koch >> Individuals, small businesses and as an example of a large business or a really sophisticated use NASA has been using our platform to create source component designs for the space stations

James O’Loghlin >> What? Really

Christopher Koch >> Yes seriously

James O’Loghlin >> Wow

Male Announcer >> I’m proud to announce the winner is Sentek Technologies (Environmental Solutions)

Male Announcer >> And the winner is iSimulate (Education and Training)

Male Announcer >> The winner of the Health and Biotechnology Award is Ego Pharmaceuticals

Male Announcer >> For the Manufacturing Award to Aim Lab Automation

Male Announcer >> And the winner of the Minerals, Energy and Related Services Award goes to Gekko Systems.

Male Announcer >> The winner of the Regional Exporter Award is Almondco Australia

James O’Loghlin >> Cashew, Macadamia, pea. Is almond the best nut?

Brenton Woolston >> Absolutely

James O’Loghlin >> Good

Brenton Woolston >> And James, you would be happy to know, we’re just come into doing a research on eating almonds for hair growth, so something you can take on board


James O’Loghlin >> Thanks. May be a bit late

Male Announcer >> The winner for tonight’s Small Business Award Typefi Systems

Hon. Steven Ciobo MP >> Tonight’s winner, the Australian Exporter of the Year, and the winner is Envato

Vahid Ta'eed >> At Envato we are delighted that this business we’ve grown reaches all corners of the earth. We’re thrilled we’ve done it going toe-to-toe with some big overseas competitors and most of all we’re just dead set proud to be Australian.