Transcript - Austrade UK case study: Precedent grows into Australia


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>>Paul Hoskins: Four or five years ago we were a digital agency. Now we’re very much more an organisation that helps businesses transform themselves for digital technology.

>>Neil Davis: Our clients like us to be local to them. So opening new offices in new regions was very much a core part of the strategy.

>>Paul Hoskins: There was always the ambition to grow and have a greater footprint.

>>Jane Madden: For companies like Precedent that are looking to go global, Australia is well located in the Asia-Pacific region, the same time zones as the fastest growing economies and we’ve got an environment that really supports digital media. Over 70 per cent of Australia’s trade is with the Asia-Pacific region, so you’ll find a really well developed network, freight, logistics, all sorts of other linkages into Asia-Pacific. We’ve had 23 years of economic growth with strong support for research and development.

>>Neil Davis: As an independent company we didn’t have any financial backing for this, so we needed to know there would actually be work on the ground. My visit out there, I had a number of meetings with potential clients and that just showed me the opportunities that were there.

>>Jane Madden: Australians are thirsty for new media, new technology, and it’s a really great low risk environment for testing and innovating.

>>Neil Davis: I think being an international organisation rather than just purely based in the UK suddenly opens up a whole new client base. Having an agency that has a base in the UK, in Australia, and now in wider Asia-Pac immediately makes us more attractive.

>>Paul Hoskins: One of the biggest advantages to Precedent of being in Australia was the relationship we formed with KPMG. It has all come out of that can do attitude within Australia.

>>Jane Madden: Austrade offers that helping hand to make a big business decision with comfort and minimal risk.

>>Neil Davis: What we found with Austrade, they helped us no end with everything that we did; there was nothing too much, from potential client calls, from meetings that were set up to walking me around office spaces and actually finding the office that we’re now in in Melbourne.

>>Paul Hoskins: And the people on the ground in Australia were amazing as well - really helpful, introducing us to all sorts of people. It was just terrific.

>>Neil Davis: From two people jumping on a plane 18 months ago, we’re now up to 50 and growing. So for anyone thinking of getting out there into Australia, I’d say definitely go for it. With hindsight, probably the best decision we’ve made but don’t do it on your own. Having that extra bit of help can just make it happen so much easier, so much quicker.