Australia for Agriculture 4.0

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Across the world, the agriculture and food industries are looking for sustainable ways to feed a growing population and address climate change.

All while responding to growing consumer demand for food that is healthy, convenient and traceable.

Australia’s farmers and food producers have a long history of developing and adopting new solutions to create value and drive productivity.

This history underpins Australia’s growing prominence as a global hub for Agriculture Four Point Zero – the next generation of technologies set to revolutionise the agriculture and food sectors.

From robotics and remote sensors to bioscience and advanced food manufacturing solutions, Australian technologies are disrupting the global food supply chain.

Australia’s diverse soils, climates and production systems provide a comprehensive testing ground for agtech and foodtech innovation – new solutions that work here, can be applied anywhere in the world.

Through state-of-the-art research and refinement capabilities, food businesses are producing premium products that can be manufactured efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

Australia offers novel, functional and high-quality ingredients, as well as innovative processing and packaging solutions to help international companies differentiate their products in a globally competitive market.

Innovation is at the heart of Australia’s agriculture and food sector.

Australia’s farmers have used new technologies and practices to drive consistent productivity growth, develop better-quality products and build globally competitive businesses, often in challenging conditions.

More than 300 agtech and foodtech enterprises have sprouted across Australia’s cities and regional areas.

Australia’s universities and research institutions are also undertaking breakthrough work that addresses real-world challenges.

The integrated relationship between farmers, industry and research institutions creates dynamic investment and collaboration opportunities for international enterprises.

Australia’s strategic location and strong trading ties with the world offer international companies an ideal base to build sustainable export businesses.

Australia’s farming and food industries receive strong support from government at all levels for research and development, including grants, pilot programs and tax incentives.

Its diverse capabilities, research excellence, varied environments and supportive infrastructure make Australia a compelling destination for researching, developing and commercialising the next generation of agriculture and food technologies.

To explore opportunities for partnering and investing in Australian agtech and foodtech, please contact the Australian Trade and Investment Commission – Austrade.