Transcript: Australian Culinary Trails 2014 - Highlights


>>Dr Matthew Durban: I’m very pleased to be involved in this promotion as Trade Commissioner for the Australian Trade and Investment Commission. This is a two or three month long promotion of Australian fine cuisine. That includes products from Australia - food and drinking products which are available in supermarkets and retailers, but also fine dining cuisine in the restaurants in Jakarta.

Overall it’ll be a terrific experience and we sincerely hope that you have a wonderful time, that you taste something new, you taste something familiar and you taste something that pleases your palate so that you come back again.

Have fun. Thank you.

>>Sonya Monica: Australian Culinary Trails is a food and beverage promotion initiated by Austrade Jakarta. We would like to introduce Australian food and beverage products to Indonesian customers, but not only promoting the product itself but also to promote Australian culinary culture to the Indonesian customers. So we are bringing several series of event promoting the culture as well as the product and so far we have a great enthusiasm from customers who would like to know more about the Australian F&B products, and they are even eager to see other Culinary Trails for the next year and we are really hoping to work again with the extremely talented alumni of Australia, as well as importers and retailers that are bringing product and promoting product from Australia. So we are looking forward to working with you again next year.

So we are really hoping that the result that will come here can bring customers’ awareness more towards Australian food and beverage products and they would like to try and then they would like to value you more of the product itself. Thank you.

>>Daniel Whitelaw: Australian Culinary Trails.

>>Chef MJ Oguera: Two thumbs up.

>>Chef Marinka: Thumbs up to Australian Culinary Trails.

>>Franky Angkawijaya: Australian Culinary Trails. [THUMBS UP]

>>Andreas Andrianto Hardjito: Cool man. [THUMB UP]

>>Muhammad ‘Agam’ Abgari: Two thumbs up. [THUMBS UP]

>>Edward Putra: Two thumbs up. [THUMBS UP]

>>Zenny: Two thumbs up. [THUMBS UP]

>>Chef Adithya Pratama: Australian Culinary Trails - two thumbs up. [THUMBS UP]

>>Chef Ayu Anjani Raharjo: Australian Culinary Trails - two thumbs up. [THUMBS UP]

>>Saya Trias: Australian Culinary Trails - two thumbs up. [THUMBS UP]

>>Group: We want the next Australian Culinary Trails.