Transcript: Australian expertise in Solar air-conditioning - Overview by CSIRO


>>Stephen White: Hi I am Stephen White. I work for the CSIRO, that’s Australia’s national research organisation. In CSIRO I run the grids and energy efficiency road research program and my research specialisation is in energy efficient air conditioning.

I’m in India at the moment. We’ve been travelling around talking about the research that we’re doing in solar air-conditioning and looking at partnerships with Indian industry in this area. Solar air-conditioning uses solar energy to drive a cooling device. You can use photovoltaics to produce electricity and then electricity driving a conventional vapor compression air-conditioning system.

It’s an interesting new technology which is significantly more cost effective than other solar air-conditioning technologies. So we are very proud of that and we are looking to commercialise it. And you know when we look around trying to commercialise Australian’s intellectual property.

India of course is the biggest place in the world for the need for air-conditioning a large population and obviously a hot climate similar to the Australian hot climate. We need component suppliers to provide equipment that goes into making air-conditioning systems and we also need partners who will take the technology and commercialise it here in India.

In addition to solar air-conditioning we have other smart control technology. We developed the opti-cool technology which is a supervisory control system that goes in a building air-conditioning system in order to schedule the h-vac equipment in order to reduce energy consumption whilst maintaining comfort.

I see lots of opportunities to be working in India with IT companies around smart control technology for buildings.

India has a smart cities program and it’s exactly these kinds of technologies, the smart controls and energy efficient appliances that can be used to minimise energy consumption at system level and not just building level. We have modellers working on that integration exercise in Australia and we'd love to partner with universities and with Indian industry to help realise world class city infrastructure.