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Fiona de Jong, Head Australia’s Nation Brand: The wonderful thing about Australia is we are so popular as a country but it’s how do we convert that into respect and be a respected global contributor that’s going to become increasingly important not only for Australian businesses but Australia.


Australia’s Nation Brand
Industry and Business Engagement Forums
June-July 2018

A national engagement program in all capital cities

What would a strong nation brand mean for you and your sector?

Serafina Maiorano, Advance: I think a strong nation brand would actually bring the best of who we are to life.

Allyn Beard, A.H. Beard Pty Ltd: The Australian identity is the reason that they want to buy our products in those countries so having one brand that’s well recognised would be highly beneficial to us.

As international competition and consumer control increases, Australia can not afford to rely on our part reputation to help us grow in the future.

To capture the thoughts and inputs from a cross section of industry and business, 219 people participated in workshop nationally and 136 contributed through a digital forum.

Alex McCauley, Startup Aus: A national brand that supports you know a view about Australia is a place to build a company and as a place which is vibrant in terms of technology and talent is critical to the success of that mission.

Grant Hackett, Genlife: I think at this stage with their brand, what we’ve been able to achieve in terms of really punching above our weight does have a massive impact on international shores and I think that has created a strong brand but it’s something we can always continue to build on.

Anthony Filippis, Neurosciences Victoria: I think as a strong nation brand would bring international investment into our area which is generally in the biotechnology health medical research sector.

Does being Australian help or hinder your business internationally?

Graeme Mason, Screen Australia: I think it’s an enormous asset, our Australianess it makes us stand out. You know we’re seen as these lovable larrikins, we’re seen as hard working, we’re seen as give it a go and I think that’s an incredible asset.

Dean McEvoy, Tech Sydney: Initially it kind of does hinder us because we’re not great at selling how great we are as a country and how great the businesses we create are, so we need to do a better job about getting that word out there about how great we are. But there’s a certain lovability about Australian’s which we shouldn’t lose.

The Australian nation brand has the opportunity to build on the foundations we already have.

Hayley Baillee, Luxury Lodges: I think within tourism, being Australian has just so many wonderful attributes for us to attract people to want to come here.

Sandra Chipchase, Destination NSW: If we can harness that energy, that youthfulness, that playfulness of the country as well as our smarts, I think we’re going to be on a winner.

Fiona de Jong, Head Australia’s Nation Brand: And that’s what this is about, is creating added value for Australian businesses to operate in that global environment.


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