Transcript: Boeing Australia, 2016 Investment Award winner


>>Ken Robinson: Here at Boeing in Melbourne we produce primarily control surfaces for commercial aircraft. Those are effectively the moving bits on the wings that help the aircraft take off and land.

>>Maureen Dougherty: Australia is Boeing’s largest footprint outside the United States. We have over 3,000 employees based at 27 different sites and over 95% of those employees are Australians.

>>KR: That includes manufacturing as well as engineering and research and technology development.

Boeing is investing in Australia’s future here in Melbourne. Over $300 million have been invested to date and most recently, in the last three years, around $70 million specifically to get the 787 rate capable for the production demands ahead.

Boeing’s unique relationship with CSIRO and local universities gives us the ability to leverage Australia’s technology know-how, as well as develop the future pipeline of talent for our company.

>>MD: Boeing’s investments contribute to the Australian economy in a number of ways: through jobs, exports, industry development and work in our communities.

Boeing invests significantly in its supply chain globally and one really powerful example of that is in Australia through the Global Supply Chain Program, where since 2007 we’ve awarded over $350 million in contracts to suppliers in Australia.


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