ASEAN NOW - Telkomtelstra


My name is Erik Meijer. I’m the Country Managing Director for Telstra for Indonesia, and I’m also the President Director for Telkomtelstra, the joint venture in Indonesia.

Telkomtelstra is a joint venture between Telkom of Indonesia and Telstra of Australia set up in Indonesia to serve companies with their telecommunication and IT needs in Indonesia.

Telstra brings the expertise, the knowledge about products, actually brings the products into Indonesia, whereas Telkom brings the market of Indonesia. They have a massive sales force there, they have a lot of customers that actually need these kind of services, and together that is now possible.

It’s very important if a foreign company like Telstra goes into a market like Indonesia to know where to start. So we’ve had a lot of benefit actually working through the Australian Embassy in Indonesia with various parts of the Australian government, including Austrade, to actually get started.

They informed us who to meet, where to go, what kind of licence you need, how to go about getting those licences and actually basically help us start operations, and now that we are in business it’s been great because we keep working with Austrade. They keep introducing us to potential clients, Indonesian companies that have a link with Australia and it’s been very important for us to work with Austrade, to actually build our market share in the market.

The need for digital transformation is very big right now and there are not a lot of solutions that can actually help businesses in Indonesia and ASEAN to actually make that transformation and that’s why the joint venture in Indonesia is very important because it provides opportunities for these kind of companies to actually grow and become more competitive, not only in Indonesia or in ASEAN but on a global scale.