Doing business in India video



Bruce Rodgerson, CEO, Rubicon Pty Ltd: Do your homework, it’s not going to be easy. You need to understand in your space what the drivers for your business are in the Indian environment.

Cristina Talacko, Owner and Founder, SalDoce Fine Foods: Due diligence and finding the right partner, taking it slowly, don’t go too fast, think of it long-term and get help from Austrade. I’ve always participated at their trade shows and I’ve been part of the EMDG, which allowed me to be able to fund the business in India.

Dhruv Deepak (DD) Saxena, Managing Director, Riverina Oils and Bio Energy:  Strategic partnership and alliances are very critical because the learning curve is steep, it’s difficult and it’s complex. And therefore, we tend to make it sound it is too hard and India is not easy. It’s full of challenges but full of opportunities.

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