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>>Clive White: My name’s Clive White, CEO of Ensitech Proprietary Limited.

‘Ensi’ is a Finnish word meaning ‘first’ so Ensitech is first in Finnish with regard to our technical product, which is a machine for cleaning welds.

When you weld stainless steel or actually any metal, there’s a black oxide that forms over the weld and in the case of stainless steel, it destroys the ability of the metal to protect itself against corrosion. So it’s important to remove that – it’s called heat tint.

So when we came along we found this problem and found a solution for it – so that’s the TIG Brush.

We’ve now got 16 people working for us in Australia. What the team’s been able to achieve has just been incredible and we’ve won lots of export awards and so on from the ability of this little Australian company to be able to manufacture stuff here and export around the world.

Since the free trade agreements have been signed, the amount of enquiries we’ve had from overseas has just been enormous.

We tried to enter the Japanese market probably about four years ago and that wasn’t too successful.

But now that the free trade agreement’s been signed, our distributor over there has re-contacted us and we’ve had probably a 500 per cent increase in the number of enquiries from Japan and in China.

Not only has the free trade agreement solved things such as harmonisation of codes and reduction of duties and tariffs, but it’s also opened Asia’s eyes to the fact that Australia is able to do business with them.

>>Kaaren White: The free trade agreements with Japan, China and Korea means that our company can grow, our workforce can grow here in the western suburbs of New South Wales and our ability to be able to export quality products into those countries.

>>Clive White: If you think of Australia as maybe being a reflection of Germany in the southern hemisphere, and with our degree of education, multiculturalism, our ability to engage with anyone in the world and our penchant for being able to solve problems and be inventive – all of which we’re well known for – I think we’re ideally placed to add huge amounts of value and export our expertise to the rest of the world.

For us, the most important result of the free trade agreement is it’s opened up Asia’s eyes to the fact that Australia is open for business and has products to sell, and their governments are interested in that happening.


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