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>>Martin Farley: Martin Farley’s my name. I’m a Director of EPOH Health Australia.

Our business is the introduction of mother and baby clubs into China.

We established two key strategic relationships in China and we’re rolling out mother and baby club models which are based on a combination of nursing advice and access to safe, high-quality products from Australia.

The recent policy change within China of allowing two children will make a significant increase in the amount of infant milk formula that’s consumed within China.

Every producer in the world is looking at the market. Whilst the Chinese market is big, it’s very crowded and competitive so any advantage we get from the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement will be most valuable.

The advantages given to us will assist us to expand our network within China. We have an establishment in China, we’ve got 14 staff there at the moment and we’re looking to establish a further operation in Beijing.

In conjunction with our distribution partners, we plan to establish a significant number of sites over the next two to three years, and to also ensure our e-commerce system is competitive.

The thing that it means for me is that we’ve got a potential in China to both meet a strong social need within China but also to ensure that we create very, very strong benefits for the Tasmanian and Australian economy in doing it. So it’s really about developing a business relationship that’s based on fair and equitable returns and benefits for both players in it.

I think people need to be aware of the potential of the free trade agreement. Everyone’s focus is on tariffs, what it’s also done is increase the level of interest in Australia and as a result there’s much more openness to considering how Australia and China can develop both trade and stronger relationships as well. So it’s really important to establish those relationships and surround it by policies such as the free trade agreement.


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