Transcript - Indian Innovation Forum 2013 - Dr Suresh Mathivanan

Dr Suresh Mathivanan, La Trobe University

Dr Suresh Mathivanan is an Indian scientist working at Australia's La Trobe University working on a lucrative US$17 million science program in Australia. funded by the United States' medical science funding body, the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Australia's La Trobe University is the only institution outside America chosen to take part in the five-year program.

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I work in colorectal cancer mainly and then do a little bit on neuroblastoma and breast cancer. I came here for two primary reasons. One is to commercialise some of the stuff that we are doing in the lab and plus also establish research collaboration with some of the institutes here.

I’ve established some collaborations with some institutes but I just want to spread in terms of working with some cancer research institutes where we currently are not doing that with Indian research institutions.

And in terms of the company side of things, what I saw today morning or even the meetings that are organised, there’s a lot of scope and there’s a lot of like innovative things that the companies are doing which we really need to foster or make our efforts together so that we can treat or diagnose some of these diseases pretty well.

Colorectal cancer may be the prevalency[sic] in terms of -- it is high in Australia because of the western diet and things like that, but India it’s not high but recent statistics show that people are migrating to the western diet habits even here. But in terms of breast cancer and neuroblastoma it’s pretty -- the prevalence is almost the same. So it’s good to collaborate with some of the institutes here.