Transcript - International Readiness Indicator Demonstration

4 June 2012

Austrade has a new online tool to help Australian companies get into export.

The International Readiness Indicator is designed to assist you understand if your business is ready to take on overseas markets.

It highlights key areas successful exporters need to master, and provides links to find advice on each topic.

The Readiness Indicator provides an opportunity to assess your business against some of the key issues Austrade has found are common attributes of successful exporters.

The first step is to sign in to Austrade’s website, or join if you are not already a site member. Signing up as a site member takes only a few moments.

And, as a site member, you can set up content alerts, to tell you when there’s something new in your area of interest.

The twelve questions are shown on one web page. Each question has some comments to the right which explain why the topic is important for exporters.

There’s no right or wrong answers - it’s your assessment of your business at the current point in time.

You can take the assessment again in the future to track your progress.

So, take your time to answer the questions, then click ‘submit’ to get your report card.

You will instantly receive a report card on the screen.

This will provide you with some advice and links to Austrade information as well as other places to go for help to improve your export readiness.

The report card also links to Austrade’s ‘about exporting’ content, which has been developed by our Trade Advisers.

This content is readily available on our website, but the report card helps you to navigate to those pages most relevant to you.

As well as instantly seeing a report card on the screen, you will be emailed a summary with a link to access the full report card at any time in the future.

So to access the report later click on the link in the email or go to the 'My Services’ tab of your Austrade Account once you are logged into the Austrade website.

For further information about getting ready for export, talk to a Trade Adviser on 13 28 78 or email us at

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