Transcript: A video case study on Lively Linseed

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>>Jackie Donoghue: I’m Jackie Donoghue. I’m from Lively Linseed Products. We’re operating a mixed farm here on the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales.

Lively Linseed was started in 2007 as a value-adding idea for our linseed we’ve grown on our farm. So we’ve added organic fruit to create flavour variants – four flavour variants – and also Australian pepitas and chia to provide these nutritional supplements mainly for cereal toppers or yoghurt, and we’ve also got two biscuit varieties.

The free trade agreement with China has put Australia, particularly Australian agriculture, on a level playing field. The free trade agreement will offer opportunities for, not only for our linseed, but also for our lamb and our beef to enter those markets and be comparatively cheaper to our competitors in those other countries.

Lively Linseed’s been exporting to China for two years now. They’re now our biggest market.

We find that the Chinese like to get their nutritional supplements from natural sources and that is what has attracted them to our products, because we don’t use any preservatives or additives – it’s just straight groundling seeds, straight from our paddock virtually to the plate.

We envisage that the free trade agreement will expand our business so yes, we will need to employ more staff. We’ve already increased our staffing. We’ve expanded our facility recently and with the business in China, we’ve almost already outgrown that facility so we will be upgrading that facility to cope with the increased volumes.

The supply chain for our business has benefited from our increase in business in China. The free trade agreement I feel will increase that even further so that will mean more jobs for this region because we like to source all our suppliers as locally as we can and we use local carriers where possible and employ local people if we can, which creates jobs for the bush, which is what I really like about the free trade agreement with China, is it will benefit all businesses small and large, regional, rural, in metropolitan areas; and right across the board I can see benefits to all the Australian economy.


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