Opportunities in India’s food and beverage sector for Australian exporters – AIBX


Stuart Rees, Australian Trade and Investment Commission: My name is Stuart Rees and I lead the Agri-food and consumer team of Austrade in South Asia. Despite the challenges of COVID in 2020 the fundamentals of India remain unchanged. With a growing population exceeding 1.2 billion and an economy expected to be the world’s third largest by 2030, India continues to offer unmatched growth opportunities for Australia’s exporters. One of the things that really excites us right now is the continuing modernisation of retail and particularly the booming e-commerce sector. In just 12 months we’ve witnessed a significant increase in the number of food and wellness brands from Australia succeeding on e-commerce platforms. And they are looking for more from Australia as they become the purchasing format of choice for India’s high spending consumers. And with the reopening of India’s Horeca sector and in the not too distant future resumption of international tourism we expect an upswing in demand for products like our fantastic lamb, wine, horticulture and other products. So I invite you to come along and join us as we examine the Indian market and why it’s starting to deliver for so many Australian companies.

Mannu Kala, General Manager, Medlab: If you really want to trade in India, you want to be here, it’s open for business. India is ready to trade globally and if you are a business who really wants to be in here you will find a way to be here.

Jamie Thurin, International Sales Director, Slim Secrets: Now is definitely the time to give markets like this a go. I think there is a huge opportunity for Australian brands and international brands. I think India’s kind of gone from that illness to wellness kind of mind-set as well. They are more concerned about that now.

Mannu Kala, General Manager, Medlab: That standard of Australian products which is very much needed in India. Yes there is a mass population to feed those products or to give those products, but  the Australian standards bring a different level of standards altogether in India. So the Indians will welcome those quality products from our region.   

Manpreet Dhody, Head, Foodhall Cookery Studio: For the past decade Indians have started travelling a lot more and they have been introduced to a lot more international cuisines.

Magandeep Singh, Sommelier, Wi-Not Beverage Solutions: Wine consumption is growing at an astounding 30% per annum and popular Australian brands are in the top three in the imported segment. While most of these are base category wines, there is a definite budding market for the mid to high level stuff.

Jamie Thurin, International Sales Director, Slim Secrets: India is really kind of at that new hot spot. It’s a market that we are all looking at. It’s a real opportunity. We are seeing now that the rewards are starting to come, hopefully they will continue to come over the next 5-10 years and onwards.

Stuart Rees, Australian Trade and Investment Commission: With our offices in India’s major cities, India has the presence and expertise to help your success. So do check out the information on our website. My team and I look forward to getting to know you and helping you succeed in South Asia. Thank you.

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