Opportunities in India’s healthcare sector for Australian exporters – AIBX


Sarah Hariz, Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade and Investment Commission: Hi, my name is Sarah Hariz and I’m the trade investment commissioner in South Asia focused on the health care sector. India’s health care sector is one of the fastest growing sectors and is expected to reach $518 billion by 2022. The Indian Government recently announced the world’s largest government funded universal health care program with an annual budget of $690 billion. To deliver this program there are major national health system reforms currently underway including in the areas of primary healthcare and health insurance. This presents opportunities for Australian healthcare businesses across areas like digital health solutions, R&D partnerships, training and skills development, sharing of best practice and much more.

Prof. Gordon Wallace, Director ARC Centre of Excellence: UOW (University of Wollongong) collaboration is addressing areas of research, it’s addressing areas of education and areas of translation, areas of deployment. Our partnership with AMTZ based in Vizag in India has been a very productive partnership. We would not have been able to identify those opportunities in India alone. The partnership with AMTZ has been critical to success so far and will be critical to success in the future.

Dr. Jitendra Sharma, MD & CEO Andhra Med Tech Zone: The synergy that we have seen as a response of Australia India partnership is phenomenal. It’s one of the most novel examples of how two advanced ecosystems in two countries can collaborate for public good.

Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Vice President & Head, Clinical R&D, Cipla: I see a lot of opportunities in Australia for research and development. Australian universities are really doing cutting edge research which can really be developed further to solve health problems. In area of clinical research Australia is picking up very well and they have a lot of good infrastructure and world-class facilities.

Mr. Adil Zainulbhai, Independent Director, Cipla: The India and Australia, especially in the research area has great possibility to think differently to build up a strong relationship.

Sarah Hariz, Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade and Investment Commission: If you are interested in learning more about the health care sector in India and the emerging opportunities for Australian businesses, please get in contact with Austrade.  

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