Opportunities in India’s mining equipment, technology & services sector for Australian exporters – AIBX


Tim White, Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade and Investment Commission: Gidday everyone, my name is Tim White and I’m the trade and investment commissioner with Austrade here in New Delhi, and across South Asia I’ve also got responsibility for growing our commercial co-operation in the mining and resources sectors. Australia and India of course share a long history of collaboration in these industries including with extensive partnerships in mining equipment, technology and services (or METS). And with Australia a stable and secure supplier of raw materials that have helped to fuel India’s industrial growth over recent decades. The mining sector of course is the cornerstone of India’s economy and to illustrate that point, India produced 810 million tonnes of coal and more than $23 billion  worth of other minerals in the year to June 2020. India has recently introduced a series of reforms to build productivity and to encourage private sector investment in the mining sector too. On the back of those reforms India’s dynamic mining industry is seeking world-class solutions including from international partners to support growth and innovation across the mining supply chain.

Mr. Glen D’Costa, Regional Manager-Asia, Mineral Technologies: We’ve been doing business in India for 30 years and we have seen quite a lot happen in India over these years.

Mr. Rajat Boral, Worley: India is big in having resources in iron ore and coal as a commodity. We also have base metals like copper which is getting ground now. So it should be very good. There are big projects coming up.

Mr. Amit Bhandari, Managing Director, MineExcellence: The key thing about Australian METS sector is about innovation. Technology is tried and tested out there and then technology can be brought in and imported into India.

Mr. Rajat Boral, Worley: We have good capabilities in terms of subject matter excellence. We know the subject but it is only Australian way of doing things properly help the Indian companies in getting the maximum profit.

Mr. Simon Askey-Doran, General Manager - Business Development Advisory, RPMGlobal: We are always looking to make things better and I think when we bring that into an Indian perspective and connect that with their own culture and deep understanding there is an opportunity to make things great.

Mr. Amit Bhandari, Managing Director, MineExcellence: Presence of a large diaspora, cultural similarities, there are things to talk about like cricket, food, etc. which are very similar and that makes it easy to do business. There are lot of Australian mining companies already doing business, who would like to do more business.

Mr. Rajat Boral, Worley: We have to work with Indian companies and get clients for sure and make an alignment with them and then tell them what are the value propositions they’ll be getting from Australia.

Tim White, Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade and Investment Commission: And in that context Australia is well placed to strengthen even further our METS co-operation with India across fields such as mining IT and software, niche mining equipment, mineral processing technologies, quality assurance, environmental management and mining safety. An emerging area of co-operation is in critical minerals where Australia and India have an opportunity to expand our offtake, investment and technology partnerships in support of resilient supply chains. This is a sector both countries have identified as a priority under the comprehensive strategic partnership agreed by our Prime Ministers in June last year. Across these and other areas within the mining and resources fields, Austrade looks forward to supporting you in the Indian and South Asian markets. Thanks very much.

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