Postcards from India


Irfan Malik, inQInnovation: Namaskar, my name is Irfan Malik. I am the global CEO of inQinnovation global

Samantha Garbutt, 3DOTDIGITAL: Hello, I am Samantha Garbutt Chief Commercial Officer of 3DOTDIGITAL headquartered in Brisbane Australia

Andrey Zubko, Biosota: Hello, I am Andrey Zubko of BIOSOTA Organic and we are companied in Gold Coast Australia

Samantha Tonkin, Pipan Foods: Hi, my name is Samantha Tonkin and I represent Pipan Foods

Professor Paul Wellings CBE, University of Wollongong: So my name is Paul Wellings and I am the Vice-Chancellor of The University of Wollongong

Professor Geoffrey Crisp, University of Canberra: Hello, I am Geoffrey Crisp Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academics at University of Canberra

Vish Viswanathan Australia India Business Council Ltd: My name is Vish Viswanathan I am the chair of the Make in India chapter of the Australia – India Business Council

Vinod Tiwari, Power Ledger:I am Vinod Tiwari from Power Ledger, I am the Head of Business Development

India – The Land of Opportunities

Andrey Zubko: We have learnt a lot of things that we don’t get to hear in the news in Australia

Samantha Tonkin: The path that I have been trying to wrap my head around is the size and magnitude of the Indian market.

Irfan Malik: I think every time I come to India it’s a great number story we are just amazed by the sheer volume and scale.

Samantha Tonkin: One of the things I have learnt is around the growth expected to be delivered through the Indian economy and a target of 5 trillion dollar economy which is staggering.

Samantha Garbutt: It is the statistics around how vast the Indian Economy is growing.

Andrey Zubko: It’s very well English spoken.

Vish Viswanathan: Something to be celebrated is the participation of the younger generation in terms of start-ups and in terms of new technologies, innovation.

Vinod Tiwari: The massive scale that India is already planning in urban infrastructure and renewable energy space.

Professor Paul Wellings CBE: So it’s a great joy to see the scale of technology development in a way that universities and businesses are collaborating together to produce transformative ideas.

Professor Geoffrey Crisp: We need to think long term, we need to think about having a relationship with our partners in India which is a long term partnership, which is built on trust and which is built on mutual respect.

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