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>>David Mumford: My name’s David Mumford. I’m the sales and marketing director for RBK Nutraceuticals. We’re in Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia in the western suburbs of Sydney. At our facility here we have our TGA packaging facility, as well as our head offices and warehouse.

We position our products in the top end of the market. We supply reputable worldwide retailers, duty free chains, airlines and huge multinationals like Costco. We’ve got our quality control management team here testing the raw materials, testing the finished product.

The traceability of every ingredient that goes into a capsule, we can recall anything at any time in a very fast way. We’ve earned the reputation of being the supplier that can maintain high quality standards.

From here all the product is packaged and assembled and ready for export. As a company we export 80%. Korea was our first export market and continues to be one of our most important markets.

The free trade agreements are very good for our business. In Korea in particular a lot of our customers are now seeking to actually expand our product range. They’re wanting more products. They are very interested in the price reduction that the free trade agreements are bringing.

In Japan it’s a similar story. We don’t normally get a lot of trade enquiries from Japan; very, very few. However, in the last six months for the first time ever our trade enquiries and export enquiries have definitely been increasing. The free trade agreement is definitely one of the main reasons.

I’m looking at China to be a very, very major significant market. I’m heading to China to meet with some of these new opportunities. China, Japan and Korea are very important to our business. We’re allocating a lot more resources towards all three markets, but most importantly you’ve got to be there, the timing is now and you have to be following up and doing regular visits, really forming strong relationships.

Just as we’re trying to get into these markets, everyone else from around the world also is. Australian products are now at an all time best value. The Australian quality, the Australian reputation, plus our competitive position now makes it the perfect time to start hitting these markets.

The future for Korea and Japan and China has never been more positive.


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