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>>Tim Reid: I’m Tim Reid. I’m the Managing Director of Reid Fruits in Tasmania. We’re in the Derwent Valley about 45 minutes north-west of Hobart. Our business has been going since 1856, started by my great-grandfather. We’ve got a long history and a lot of experience in the industry.

All our production occurs on this one property nowadays. We have 105 hectares of cherries here now. We also have 20 hectares of apples. Cherries are our special product. We produce cherries of very high quality to meet international market demand.

Tasmanian cherries have got a fantastic reputation for quality all over the world. Here in Tasmania we have a long cool growing season. We grow our cherries larger than most other producers in the world. Here we actually grow a Japanese variety cherry. We are only the producer growing cherries for export back into Japan.

Over the last couple of years we’ve put a lot of effort into developing premium packaging and we actually have imprinted on our cherry boxes a little gold kangaroo. The Australian brand is huge and we’re known as a reliable supplier of high quality product.

The Free Trade Agreements mean that we will have a greater opportunity to compete with competitor countries in the southern hemisphere who harvest their cherries at the same time as us. We can now see an opportunity to expand our exports into those markets. Being in Australia, it’s not easy to compete in international markets on price. With the new Free Trade Agreement coming into force, we’re now very competitive.

China is the biggest market that we serve. It’s a growing market, it’s really boomed over the last few years. In the last 12 months since the Free Trade Agreement South Korea has become our second biggest market. Our exports increased from 5 tonnes only last season to 185 tonnes this year, valued at around $3 million.

I would encourage every company to revisit the opportunities in these countries, and for those that haven’t entered into those markets before, it’s certainly time they had a good look at them. I think there’s great opportunity for everybody in Australia.


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