Transcript: Aim Lab Automation Technologies Case Study


Chris Whitaker: Aim Lab Automation Technologies is a manufacture of innovative robotic equipment. 

We design, manufacture and distribute and support laboratory automation products. 

We have two main markets – a liquid handling division and we have a pathology division which sells products into -- basically it’s blood testing.

We have an R&D team, so we design our own products to distribute into our markets. 

Our products are distributed in over 40 countries around the world but would be installed in significantly more than that. 

Pathfinder is our flagship pathology product. It features configurability, was originally designed to be very flexible. It’s also designed to be modular, so we’re able to fit in with your laboratory and improve your workflow. 

Export revenue is critical to Aim Lab. We saw significant growth during FY16 when we released our new innovative robotic automation product. That was our first full year of manufacture of the product and our export sales actually increased by 60%. 

The main benefit we’ve received out of the Export Awards is the sense of pride that everyone within the company has, realising that this is a pretty good company to work for, a nationally recognised global exporter.