Transcript: Almondco Australia Ltd Case Study


Brenton Woolston: Almondco Australia is a dedicated almond processing company.

We are supplied by 85% of the Australian almond growers. We receive, grade, sort, bulk pack and then distribute around the world high quality almond products.

The fantastic thing about almonds is the versatility of use. Almonds are found in not only just as a healthy snacking product, it’s also used in paste, cosmetics, different sort of nut mixes, health bars, so it’s a very diverse product.

Our main site here at Renmark receives the almonds from our hulling and shelling primary processing facilities. One is located in New South Wales, the other one is located here in the Riverland in South Australia. So this is where the almonds are received, graded and then sorted and exported from this site.

Some of our key customers are industrial users, so people like Kelloggs, Nestle, Pepsi Co. We supply to their various plants around the world.

Exports make up 53% of our sales and that will only increase in years to come. Our biggest export destination is Europe, with Germany being the number one country that we export to.

So we’ve seen an increase year on year for the last five or six years in our exports and since winning the award last year we’ve increased our exports a further 25%.

The key benefits of winning the National Export Award, firstly, I think it’s just been fantastic for the community at large but also for staff and our growers. It’s a fantastic accolade for the company and something we’re very, very proud of.