ASEAN NOW - Australian Honey Products


Lindsay Bourke:

I’m Lindsay Bourke and I’m a beekeeper. I’ve been beekeeping since I was 23 years old and I’m the chairman of our industry, which is Australian Honey Products, here in Tasmania.

We export beautiful honey. In fact, it was voted two years ago as the world’s best honey. Leatherwood honey from the Tarkine Rainforest in Tasmania, and we export that all over the world.

The ASEAN market is very important for us. We’re very active in Malaysian markets, Singapore markets; it’s very important for us to enable more sales. The ASEAN market is really growing now and we’re going to put even more time into it because we can see possibilities with it. They are gateways to larger markets for us.

We have worked with Austrade many times. It’s very helpful for us and it’s really increased our business. We’ve put on more people now because of the business growth, so Austrade has been very helpful for our business, I can recommend it to anybody.