ASEAN NOW - Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC)


Troy Setter:

I’m Troy Setter. I’m the CEO of Consolidated Pastoral Company, or CPC.

CPC is Australia’s producer of beef. We operate cattle stations across five and a half million hectares of northern Australia and we’re vertically integrated into two feedlots in Indonesia, providing beef to the Indonesian market, and we also provide beef to other markets throughout the world.

The ASEAN market for CPC is a market with huge growth opportunity, with well over 60% of our revenue coming from the ASEAN market. It’s an area that we focus heavily on and are excited by the opportunities that continue to develop.

Our key focus market in ASEAN is Indonesia. Indonesia is certainly one of the fastest growing markets for beef in the world and one of our biggest successes in Indonesia has been working with local communities and the local team in Indonesia. We operate two feedlots in Sumatra and an office in Jakarta where there’s over 12,000 families rely on our businesses in Indonesia and we see that as a great part of our success.

Exporting to ASEAN has really benefited CPC. It’s allowed us to be more diverse in our revenue streams and it’s allowed us to have access to markets that can’t be directly accessed from Australia. Being on ground in Indonesia really gives us great data, great information and overall a more viable company.