ASEAN NOW - IE Asia Pacific


Gavin Berry:

My name is Gavin Berry. I’m the managing partner of West Cape Howe Wines and the senior winemaker.

So West Cape’s a relatively young business. It’s 20 years in the making, it’s been firmly focused on domestic sales and distribution from day one. Over the last five years we’re much more directed at export opportunities.

Collectively at the moment we’re looking at the Asian market generally as being very exciting and where we’re investing heavily at the moment.

So we’re active in the Singapore market at the moment and we’re engaging a consultant to help us out in Vietnam and Cambodia and Thailand. So we see those as being imminent opportunities for us.

Every country in the Asian group is important because it offers that opportunity. Cambodia might be a very small market but it’s got a couple of very good targeted areas that we can concentrate on.

In all of this, our business is always looking to broaden its customer base, whether that’s domestically here in Australia or generally internationally, the ASEAN markets represent that opportunity and that’s where we’re focused.