My name is Robin Johnson. I’m managing director and principal engineer at RJE Global.

We’re a multidiscipline construction and packaging business. We manufacture products to service the power industry, mining businesses, electrical infrastructure works throughout the Asia-Pacific region and Australia obviously.

The ASEAN market is really important to us because it’s opened up opportunities for us in some developing regions that really suit our capabilities and we’re able to provide services and power solutions into these nations.

We’ve done a lot of work for fast rollout power stations in Indonesia across seven of the main islands. We have an office in Myanmar that services the Yangon and Mandalay regions. We also are tendering works in Laos and completed some recent works in the Philippines and we look to all ASEAN nations as place where we want to do business.

Exporting to the ASEAN region and working with the ASEAN nations in delivering projects has provided some stability to our Australian business because in recent years our traditional customers have had high fluctuations in the demand. So having overseas customers and customers within our immediate region has provided us with a very stable workflow through our manufacturing facilities and engineering departments.