Transcript: Australian Export Awards 2015 - Alt.VFX Case Study


Colin Renshaw: We’re the guys that do the explosions and the things that aren’t real and we make them real, make them look real and put them into commercials.

Alt.VFX is a visual effects company specialising in CG animation and visual effects for commercials and television. 

Essentially what we do, we work with the advertising industry. They come up with these crazy ideas, things that they’d like to make that don’t exist, and we make them real.

Takeshi Takada: We’ve been focusing on creativity. We put creativity before commerce; that’s our motto from day one.

Colin Renshaw: We have fostered an environment of trust with our clients overseas. These are the same people, all these big multinationals that keep coming back to us year after year after year with new campaigns.

Takeshi Takada: One of the highlights would be the Pepsi commercial for the Japanese market where we had to build massive big rock monsters.

Colin Renshaw: That was an ad that turned into a series which has gone for nearly three years. We’ve been responsible in creating all of the key characters and components.

Takeshi Takada: It was awarded Ad of the Year in Japan last year and it just keeps winning awards all around Asia.

Colin Renshaw: It’s been so popular they’ve actually created vinyl characters that they’re selling in toy stores of the things that we made.

The export side of Alt.VFX has just exploded.

Takeshi Takada: I would say 50% of our revenue comes from exporting. We’ve been quite successful with the Japanese market and the last two years we’ve been experiencing significant growth in the US market.

There are a lot of potentials in Asia. That’s something we’re really looking forward to.

Colin Renshaw: Since we won the Australian Export Award, you know, I think domestically it’s raised our profile. People are reaching out to us because suddenly we’re on the map. We were up against some good companies, some people that we know well and so we were stoked to win the award and especially with such good competition.

Takeshi Takada: This is something we cherish, this is something really special and it makes me feel like you’re doing something right for your business as well.

Duration: 02:06 mins