Transcript: Australian Export Awards 2015 - ANCA Case Study


Pat Boland: You would be very unlucky to find any bit of advanced equipment anywhere in the world that hasn’t been touched by a cutting tool which has been manufactured on one of our machines.

ANCA manufactures precision machine tools. If you want a cutting tool we’ll build a machine to manufacture that cutting tool.

Cutting tools are used in smartphones, in aircraft, in furniture, in medicine.

What our customers see is a complete solution, from the actual motors through to machine bed through to all the software. Everything is done by ANCA.

Grant Anderson: ANCA exports 99% of our production overseas. We took a particular strategy many years ago to focus on exports and I think the fundamental of exporting to the world makes you a better designer and manufacturer because it forces you to compete in the global space.

Our entry market for exports was the US market and we have been exporting to the US for over 25 years. We then moved into Europe. More recently we have been exporting into Japan, China, India and Korea.

When we entered in China in 2004 we had a small office. We now have 45 people on the ground in China and we have just approved to triple the size of our new operation commencing in 2018.

The Export Awards recognises the efforts of our people working so hard to deliver export quality product.

Pat Boland: It is quite a prestigious award and it’s certainly been successful in raising our profile.

Duration: 02:07 mins