Transcript: Australian Export Awards 2015 - for kids Case Study


Monique Filer: Everything we do has a twist. We don’t want to be just another sippy cup on the market. We want to innovate and be different.

Dannielle Michaels: So for kids, we’re really focused on designing new and innovative products that are practical. So everything we do has to be enhancing the lives of the parent and also the child.

Probably our biggest product that is known is our sippy cup, which has a weighted straw, so when the child drinks, they can drink at any angle. Our travel bib is really cool, it folds up and zips closed, and we’ve also launched some really cool new cutlery and a bowl and straw which was never seen before on the market.

Monique Filer: When we first started the business we had five year plan and we originally looked at exporting in year three, and within six months we had our first distributor.

Dannielle Michaels: Probably our biggest success story on an export perspective is our relationship with our Korean distributor who actually came to us through Austrade. He’s taken on the brand and invested in the brand and it’s one of the number one selling brands in Korea.

Monique Filer: We’re currently exporting to about 20 countries around the world.

Dannielle Michaels: Exports represents about 80% of our business.

Monique Filer: Our biggest markets - Korea, Japan, China and the US. In the US we’re doing our own distribution and we deal directly with the retailers.

Dannielle Michaels: We are investing a lot in our product development. We have more cool new products coming into the marketplace in the next 12-18 months, and we also hope to continue to get out there on the international stage and showcase our brand.

Monique Filer: Any company that’s looking to enter the awards, I’d say give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose. We were up against some amazing businesses and when they called up our name it was the most amazing feeling to know that all our hard work had been recognised.

Duration: 02:00 mins