Transcript: Australian Export Awards 2015 - Rubicon Water Case Study


Bruce Rodgerson: We’ve been in a fortunate position because we’ve got this groundbreaking technology which has really changed the way irrigation can be managed.

Open canals around the world have been operated since Roman times. It’s been the way of delivering water from lakes and rivers through to farms and the technology really hadn’t changed.

We saw an opportunity to develop technology to better manage those systems and great water savings by more efficiently distributing the water through those networks.

We’ve produced metering and control products, all solar powered so that it can be installed in very remote locations. Tie those together with telemetry and smart control software which enables us to move that whole system in real time.

People are waiting days or sometimes weeks to get their water. With our systems those farms can get the water when they want it at the flow rate they need to be able to make their farms fully productive, and that hadn’t been done before.

We dominate the market here in Australia, but Australia is about 2% of the world’s gravity fed irrigation canals, so it’s a small market.

The US was the first place and that’s because it’s got a big market, so ten times the size of the Australian market. We then moved in 2008 to China. The Chinese Water Resource Department had seen the technology and basically said we need this in China.

We have to be able to reduce the hydraulic conditions in say China or India or the US. So we made a big investment developing and building our own hydraulics laboratory here that allows us to test that very quickly in a real live environment.

Three years ago our international business was about 10% of our overall income. Two years ago that was 19%. Today export is 25% of our business. We’re quite confident that proportion will grow to in excess of 50% over the next three or four years.

If you’re exporting into countries where you see the Australian stamp as being important then these export awards will be useful for you.

Duration: 02:16 mins