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>>Voiceover: Major aviation industry players. 21st century technologies. Specialised aviation industry laboratories. Civilian pilot training programs at the Rzeszów University of Technology. An integrated school educational system tailored to the needs of the aviation industry.

This is what the Aviation Valley located in south-east Poland looks like today. Its heart is the town of Rzeszów.

Aviation Valley

The aviation traditions in the region go back a century. It was as early as before World War II that an engine plant was set up in Rzeszów, as well as many other aircraft companies which constitute the Aviation Valley today. This industrial cluster comprises more than 100 companies which account for 90% of the aviation industry in the whole country. It employs 23,000 people.

Its products include aircraft components, as well as complete planes and helicopters. The Valley has also embarked on the path of research and development. Scientific centres are being constructed here where Polish engineers begin researching and developing modern aircraft constructions.

Investments have been made here by such major players in the aviation sector as Pratt & Whitney in WSK PZL Rzeszów, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in PZL Mielec, MTU Aero Engines, or Hispano-Suiza.

Rzeszów is a university centre with 60,000 students. Some of them study at the Rzeszów University of Technology which has opened a specialised aviation faculty. Today it’s the only institution of higher education in Poland where one can acquire the qualifications of a civil aviation pilot.

The airport Jasionka located on the outskirts of Rzeszów is an international airport which ensures comfortable links to western Europe. Its pride is a 3.2 kilometre long runway which can service all the heavyweight aircraft in the world. In the vicinity of the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport, the Aeropolis Science and Technology Park has been established, which is included in the Europark Special Economic Zone in Mielec. It’s one of the most attractive and fastest growing technology parks in Poland. It’s here that Hamilton Sundstrand Poland, a subsidiary of the American Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation was established, as well as such aviation industry companies as McBraida, Heli-One, VAC AERO KALISZ, or UTC Aerospace Systems.

Affiliated to the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport are the Pilot Training Centre of the Rzeszów University of Technology and the Rzeszów Flying Club, as well as several private flying schools.

Aviation Valley.


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