Transcript: Envato Case Study


Ben Chan: Envato was born global. It was established as a global website. I think right from day one it was an export company without realising it was an export company. I think most people that think about export think about mining or tourism, etc and it was only recently that we thought, oh, actually we export things as well.

Envato Studio’s a platform where we connect customer with freelancers and so if you’re not sure about how to do a certain job and you need a freelancer to design a logo or to design a website or put together a video, you can come to the Studio and post a job and look through the different types of jobs that you’d like done.

We’re an all in one ecosystem where people come and learn, buy items and hire freelancers.

For a long time we were kind of Australia’s best kept secret. You know one of the big achievements recently, about two years ago we became one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world. So we’re above Netflix, above Airbnb in terms of website traffic and that really helped put us on the map.

We’ve got customers in 197 countries and authors in more than 100.

When we won the 2016 Export Award, it was a great achievement for the company and something that we celebrated. There was a special buzz around the company that we had won something significant. Winning the Export Award has done quite a few great things for our business. I think the biggest one is internal staff motivation and then, secondly, is the attracting of staff to the company. I think it’s something to showcase, that hey, we’re a significant contributor to Australia’s exports.