Transcript: Gekko Systems Case Study


Elizabeth Lewis-Gray: We specialise in gold processing, extracting gold out of rock. Every ore body is different, so you can’t just deliver the same process that you’ve delivered to all your other customers. You have to test each rock and then we design the equipment and then we build the equipment and then we put it all in shipping containers and send it to sites to provide a complete solution.

Our point of difference is very much around our innovative technology and the innovative technology being put into a modular system that is both designed and constructed on site here.

Export for Gekko has always just been part of who we are. We export all over the world to 40 different countries. We’ve exported at least 600 units and we would on average export 85% of what we design and manufacture here.

We deliver it to places like West Africa, South America, North America, Russia, Asia, pretty much everywhere in the world where there is gold mining and also polymetallic mining, we deliver equipment.

My advice for people planning on entering the Awards is go for it. Don’t be shy, don’t think that your business is too small or too big, just enter; be rewarded just by the process of entering and if you win, that’s even more exciting.