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>>Paul Barbaro: It’s just a great place to be if you’re talking about mining in Latin America, EXPOMIN is it.

>>Cesar Guerra: Every two years, here is the place you have to be if you want to work with the mining industry.

>>Brant Peters: And it’s one of the biggest expos in Latin America that gives you the broadest coverage.

>>Paul Barbaro: This is a tremendous opportunity for us to be a part of the Australian Pavilion, a lot like Gekko Systems who’ve been here for quite some time, plus a lot of newcomers this year. It’s a tremendous way to support each other in growing the business, share our experiences and work off our tremendous METS industry that we have in Australia and use that to launch into the region.

>>Kathleen Uribe: This is a new experience for us. The invitation that Austrade gave us to participate in the Australia Pavilion, we felt was an excellent opportunity to share with many Australian companies. To be in the same space, to have joint events and be able to get to know each other. As a result of this there has been many opportunities to and ideas to collaborate. So yes, it really has been a good opportunity.

>>Michael Buckland: People at Austrade may bring from Columbia or Peru or Brazil, or clients we don’t know about and they introduce them to us and that sometimes provides excellent leads for us in terms of new production and new mines, especially within the Australian exhibition. Australia is recognised as being a leader in the mining industry in the services and so we find that being a part of that benefits us greatly.

>>Paul Barbaro: Chile also has a very big pool of very talented people. Chile has a strong mining culture. Also it’s very easy to find the right help here.

>>Angus McFarlane: South America, Latin America is a really exciting place at the moment. I think a lot of the governments here are really seeing that the path to their prosperity is about research and development and technology acquisition and so there’s great opportunities here for CSIRO, and also for Australian companies.

>>Michael Buckland: Chile is our first stop in relation to our expansion into South America as a whole. We now have four operating divisions in Chile. There’s a lot of clients that come in, especially from the corporate offices, such as the big mining companies which are all located in Santiago.

>>Angus McFarlane: I think one of the things that CSIRO does and has been looking to do in Chile is apply our approach to applied research for science and industry, research centres in Australia which we’re very used to dealing with consortia of universities and research groups, and so we’re looking to try to develop that and bring more of a collaborative atmosphere to Chile.

>>Cristian Wedeles: This is a huge expo and you can get lost easily. So we have in Austrade the embassy and all the organisations that are behind this pavilion really help us to connect with different clients, prospects, and other providers and suppliers from Australia.

>>Juan Pablo Schaeffer: Here in EXPOMIN there is an opportunity to learn from the Australian’s experience. So I invite you to come and visit the Australia Unlimited stand.


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