Transcript - India sports 2013 - Dr Adam Karg

Dr Adam Karg, Deakin University

Dr Adam Karg is a Lecturer in the Sport Management Program at Deakin University and Deakin University runs undergraduate and post graduate sport management education program.

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I am Dr Adam Karg. I am a lecturer in sports management at Deakin University.

I research and teach in sport media and sport marketing.

I think there are a couple of major trends at the moment. Firstly consumers have become focus of marketing activity particularly for sports organisations so we go on from stage of marketing not really being big part of sports management 20 or 30 years ago to now being very central in terms of products and services that we deliver in. The consumer is increasingly central in creating the value sharing and consuming these products. Obviously in terms of global trends we look at sort of new media, something like social networking and ability to share content and deliver the content to consumer quickly, more cheaply and to be able to customise that content as well so that provides lots of opportunities for sports organisations.

Australia really become a key leader in lots of areas of sports marketing I think to be able to generate the interest in the capacity of sports across the population of only 20 plus million people is great indicator of how well we have done in this area in terms of so many sports so.

Australia has a long history in sports management and sports marketing so have systems and processes that have been established for a couple of decades now particularly the education system in sports management is very strong. We are ranked 7th best amongst the sports management program globally so that’s a great indication of quality of training and programs that have managed Australia. What we are looking to do in terms of our time in India is to share some of that knowledge and some of that education with the other markets and certainly Australia got strong sense of education, really strong policies and systems and lots of strong practice that we can share particularly around consumer focus, new media, marketing and sponsorship.

Cricket is well developed in India but what about the other sports and what can we do to get them more popular by the participation level but also commercial level, I think that’s a great question for Indian sports managers or future sports managers to be asking is how do we leverage the system which is clearly successful in cricket sense but also translate them into other sports and when we have seen success in last couple of years here obviously.

Absolutely. That’s one of the core trends. Mobile to really have data and to have product and services to deliver to …….highly customised or things like that. So the Indian market you noticed is strong in terms of mobile app tech and usage and that provides excellent opportunities to really engage very heavily with sports sorry, create engagement between sports organisations and consumers and obviously leverage some of the benefits of new media to reach lot of people very quickly and to do it in cost effective manner and importantly that provides opportunists for smaller and developing sports because they might not have resources that cricket or hockey has.

Absolutely. I think having a background in cricket and that’s obviously one of our major sports but one of the major sports in Australian terms of participation and also commercial sense so that’s give us good context but also there are other sports such as Australia rugby, tennis and cricket has ability to deliver major events. All of these source of things provides additional layers of expertise. Absolutely its great to have that connection of cricket and that knowledge of cricket and certainly one of the key questions I have been asking since I have been here is Tendulkar or Bradman.

Deakin’s sports management program was established over 2 decades ago now and it progressed to became Australia’s oldest and also leading sports management program so we are ranked globally the 7th best sports management program and only program in southern hemisphere to have ranking under sports business international and the ranking that obviously provides great platform, we deliver both undergraduate and post graduate programs to sort of students and also people already in the industry who wants to up scale and on top of that we conduct research so personally I conduct research with numbers of professional sports organisations, state and national sporting organisations ,charities and sports technology startups so again we are engaging with industry and using that industry connection in the classroom to help develop the future of sports managers. The Deakin program is Australia’s oldest sports management program. it based in sporting capital of world at Melbourne and obviously that provides great opportunities to engage with industry and really further fuel the sports management.

One thing that we have noticed in India today is sports management is still very much emerging field so there is lots of opportunity to develop education programs, to run capacity building workshops and hopefully educate and help support Indian organisations as they explore other opportunities outside of cricket.