Transcript - India sports 2013 - Sharan Karnani

Sharan Karnani, Globosport

Globosport is a sports and entertainment agency, based in Mumbai.

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I went to Australia to study accounting and international business. Six month into it I learned about sports management and felt that I can relate a lot more to sports management and that is something that I would like to build my future on so hence I made the change.

Badminton league which has shown a lot of potential. There has been lot of interest in it, they had really good attendance, viewership was through the roof in terms of sports like badminton and other sports as well like tennis and football, football being something that they are targeting right now with this new international soccer league that they looking to introduce next year with lots of international players so there is, its exciting time to be part of sports in India.

I believe, there a lot that we can learn from the Australian way of things that it’s in Australian culture to be sporty in laymen’s terms, its something that we don’t really address. Over here sports is more of past time and just it’s a source of entertainment to certain extent and here I am talking specifically about cricket and what we could learn from sports in Australia is the organisation structure the pathways that Australia have implemented in the entire in the sports industry so you have definitive approach on how you can groom talent so you have someone starting off its school level, there is always going to be those organisations in place that will help as much as they can into developing that persons talent so over here the issue that we face is you have kids playing particular sports basketball or football or athletics in schools and college but don’t pursue beyond because there is, if you look at it from outside there is no scope to sort of progress, to be sort of successful in those sort of sports. So it is something that push is something that we can definitely learn from Australia, that structure, that specific structure.

Australia is I mean very sporty in nature, there is always something going on over there. The interest in sports is just its unbelievable over there, if you are interested in sports its definitely something that you should look into because in India specifically we are looking for people who are, who have background in sports that’s always helpful because sure we have people who done their MBAs there, business degrees stuff like that but ultimately someone who specialised specifically in sports is something that we could use, that we could exploit that interest in sports.