Transcript - Indian Innovation Forum 2013 - Dr Pascal Van Hentenryck and Prof Jugdutt Singh

Dr Pascal Van Hentenryck, NICTA

NICTA is Australia's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Research Centre of Excellence. Pascal Van Hentenryck leads the optimisation research group at NICTA which focuses on disaster management, future energy systems, and supply-chains.

Professor Jugdutt Singh, Centre for Technology Infusion, La Trobe University

Prof Jugdutt is the Director of the Centre for Technology Infusion, La Trobe University's Research and Development Park. The centre aims to stimulate major opportunities for economic growth by pioneering future directions and innovations Centre for Technology Infusion.

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Australia has a lot of innovation in ICT sector through the university and also through main research centres NICTA and CSIRO and when you look at the kind of research we do is basically a lot driven by Australia, where it is and how big it is and so we do lot of research on analytics. You know data analytics and optimisation because we are very large supply chain and we have very complex you know energy system and so these things has to be optimised, they have to be very efficient and lot of the research that we do in that space, how can we make supply chains, logistic systems lot more efficient. Public transportation is also one of the other areas. How can we reorganise public transportation so that you improve quality of service and you reduce the price actually. So that’s part of high level stuff and to do that we have to ,that’s has to be unable by, you know, really bottom ….. technology and that what Jack can talk about right.

Australia has some of the very high quality universities and fantastic research in ICT sector and I come from one the universities. We do lot of innovations in ICT related but why I look at the innovation is ICT as a…… solve real world problems and in that area what we have done what is going in sensory technology area, in wireless areas and many many others and we are looking at how the technology or innovation that is developed in Australia can change or address real problems that is facing our community like transport, like climate change, like transport related congestion, like health care so we are trying to address these big challenges using some of the technologies and innovations that is taking place through investees and research institutions like NICTA and CSIRO.

So what we have to understand is that we don’t even where we are, we have lot more data and Australia is the unique place where we have very large and very efficient broadband network that essentially feeds lot of data to applications like public transportation, supply chains and logistics for instance and that’s really unique because this continue from……infrastructure through the sensors and smarter devices to actually bigger layers where you can have a lot of impact which is transportation, logistics and supply chains that’s I think where the lot of innovation coming from.

You need to think about the way ICT ,the ICT company in India, you know very large company and very efficient in actually delivering outstanding products, outstanding integration software, its components and what they do well is taking the idea and productising and what we do well is actually coming up with new ideas and showing up group of concepts so one the way we want to collaborate with ICT in India is actually you know coming up with new ideas that can actually increases their businesses, their market share and letting them productise what we are doing because we are not in the business of productising but ICT in India is world leading in that particular aspect.

We look at this way, India, the large company in India, they know the market. We got the technology, we got the knowledge and if you bring that together then we can really address this big problem and that’s what we are trying to do. We develop new services, new technologies, new research in Australia and bring this with some of the large Indian companies and take it into market place. And that’s a game changer. That's what we will solve some problems and I think partnership between academia, research institutions and industry become very important together the government, I think 3 pillars like academia, industry and government all coming together and solve real world problems and that’s what we are in and that has been one of the reason coming up here, looking at what we could do in Indian companies and how they could take some of our inventions to the market place.

So what are things that you need to understand is Australia is a huge country, right from supply chain size is huge. The public transportation problems are happening in highly densely populated cities and when you look at the rest of the world that’s where is going, when you look at India that’s also highly populated cities and so on, large supply chain so in sense Australia for us is a test batch for the rest of the world so if we develop prototype for Australia, ICT companies in India can take these prototypes and you know productise them and apply them to the rest of the world.

So public transportation is also one of the areas that we are looking at, building on some of the new information that we can get from, you know, devices ICT devices and we are talking to couple of different companies and also different universities, you know actually trying to bring some of the research that we have done in Australia to the various cities in India and that’s the one of the project that I really excited about because I think we can change public transportation.

So I think you know Australian companies are very good in innovating so the ICT sector Australia is good in coming up with new ideas and I think they should engage with India companies in saying so we have these great ideas how do we scale it because when you look ICT sector in India. It's all about scalability and we you talk to these companies you know when you talk to largest company in India, they will always say ok this is very nice idea can we scale it ok so they got a lots of experience in doing that, we got lot of experience in innovating, finding new ways of thinking outside of the box and I think you know if you combine you know really clever ideas and if you scale them then you have very, you know, winning combination and I think essentially the Indian company are gonna tell you, how to scale and we gonna say ok this is how you can innovate and we they match, that’s very nice.