Transcript - Indian Innovation Forum 2013 - Paul Cook, Director, Premcar

Paul Cook, Director, Premcar

Paul Cook is the Director of Premcar Pty Ltd based in Melbourne. Premcar is an automotive engineering consultancy offering engineering services in vehicle design, power train, chassis, prototype, etc.

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We specialised in high performance engines and performance cars but now we are spreading our wings and that going to the automotive consultancy market particularly tech supports companies like Mahindra and Tata here in India in developing their cars into world class automobile.

Well the most interesting now becoming more competitive against the imports cars coming from Germany like BMW, Mercedes another European and American based products. So they going to have to look at how they engineer their cars and improve their quality, capability, technology and raise the standards basically.

……………………create strong relationships with the companies we work for. We got a long history with 4 motor companies, having a joint venture with them and pushing the boundaries of their performance cars and that’s what we want do here with car companies in India. We want to first create strong relationship and then developing their engines, fuel economy, performance, bringing new technologies, developing the chassis for their vehicles to get better ride and handling, steering capabilities and again expand technology searching, hybrid cars, electric vehicles may be……..factoring systems. So how group of technologies around horizon for India and just need applying.

We had been doing for 3 separate companies here in India. Two projects we completed for them in Australia whether shipped the vehicle to office facility in Melbourne and we did real world testing of those vehicle so we had special circuits in and around Victoria and our engineers and test specialist took vehicles out to test them. We did over a period of about 9 months and covered 60 thousand kilometres around Victoria and here we got one of our engineers based in a team of very talent young engine engineers and they are working on doing turbo engine program here in India.