Transcript - Indian Innovation Forum 2013 - Prof Bruce Milthorpe

Professor Bruce Milthorpe, UTS, Sydney

Prof Bruce Milthorpe is the Dean, Faculty of Science at University of Technology (UTS), Sydney.

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I just joined the Austrade show for one day because Life Science is an area in which we are interested in but my primary objective of this trip has been both under graduate and post graduate education we have been talking to 4 schools, in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore and here in Mumbai and I am also now joining another road show for post graduate education.

It is very interesting, the company we visited this morning, very advanced in certain areas of Drug Delivery and also in running clinical trials and basically getting the invention…….at the moment in Australia get to effective at the end of the bench, but don’t quite get to the best side, and actually seen to be very good very expert at that transition, from ya ya what we can generate into a clinical reality.

Indeed and I think lots has to do with both cultural awareness and ability to take the steps and make the necessary investment but also in terms of the size of the available market, India has a substantially bigger market than Australia and that makes it more easy for Australia to collaborate with India and make the necessary jumps that gonna be require and then actually make some invention reality.

Well I mean we concentrated basically in area around cancer research but also around imaging diabetes so areas that of disease that are becoming very prevalent in west especially Australia and US and that too big the case quiet well so I would think that where we are heading and possibly, India might also be some extend India inherited some of the western chronic disease problems and so collaboration is very important for the both the countries.