Transcript - Indian Innovation Forum 2013 - Prof Doug MacFarlane, Monash University

Professor Doug MacFarlane, Monash University

Professor Doug MacFarlane is the program leader of the Energy Program in the Australian Centre for Electro-materials Science in Monash University.

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As a part of a major centre of excellence that we have in partnership with several other universities around Australia and that is funded by the Australian research council so I am the program leader for the energy program in that centre.

My particular interest is in energy area with fundamental chemistry that we are involved in that supports some of these outcomes when ……….comes. so one of the projects is do with lithium batteries and this is very much about trying to make lithium batteries more inexpensive and safer. So in both cases the goal is to allow these to be made in much larger formats for large-scale energy storage, application such as wind energy storage. So that’s one project. The other 2 projects are both involved with the processing of biomass, biomass such as ….. or sugarcane waste into useable chemicals, fuel for example, or other kind of petrochemical replacing carbon chemicals.

What happens in India is very important for the future of the world with one sixth of the world population so this is one way we can have that impact through this students which is very bright students and hopefully go on into very significant carrier in their own right here in India.

Many of our projects have a very definite applied outcome something that ultimately could be picked up and manufactured or introduced into process that the companies currently using and by involving companies at the projects level or project stage, this is our way of making sure the projects are able to go straight to the application as quickly as possible may be not immediately but certainly as quickly as possible.

Certainly one of the values they adds is to our desire as a university to have a very international impact and to give our students, our Australian base students an international connections can we say, so through these projects that the academy student from ……..each of those students spends significant part of there time in Australia therefore interacting with other Australian base students and that’s the terrific cross cultural connection and many of the students will make lifelong friends and colleagues from the interaction.

Well Obviously this is productive and positive experience from our point of view and I think there are, always opportunities, we have our focal areas or focal points, we are concentrating on this tremendous opportunities for other institutions, other groups to do like wise here in India.