Transcript - Indian Innovation Forum 2013 - Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie, VCAMM

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We are an organisation that provides effectively the transfer between research groups and industry bodies particularly around advance material. Part of what we do is to understand what industry people need and understand how to get people at research level to deliver activities and capabilities for them.

It’s a first time that VCAMM is been to India. We saw it’s been big opportunity to understand more about the market and what could we achieve or bringing in solutions and partners we meet the groups here. So it’s been very interesting trip and we are looking forward to understand it better and thinking through here we can actually deliver and partner with local groups.

What would be able to deliver is long term benefits by mutual partnership and initiatives that we hopefully would be able to deliver value for automotive groups to go to the next generation capabilities.

In VCAMM activities we heavily involved in carbon nexus program in Deccan university in ……. that’s looking at the next generation of carbon fiber science itself and we are working with international groups around that activity and it will comprise by research activities but also induce industry application of carbon fiber science. So this aerospace group will be interested in that but also automotive and other communities. Light metals we are heavily involved with and also down to other activities and materials. So we got broad portfolio, different capabilities, over time we hopefully able to find way of engaging with industry here.

Professor Zhang outlined that there is many different research ground systems that are available and certainly we make use of those where it is appropriate, but equally we very capable and do joint venture and partner with various people, and whether it’s a Australian implementation or Indian implementation, we are open to ways we can jointly work with people and so, we have many different ways we can work.