Transcript: iSimulate Case Study


Peter Mckie: iSimulate is a Canberra based simulation company. We produce awesome health simulation that doctors, nurses and paramedics can use to deliver training anywhere, anytime and in any environment.

The beauty of our system is that you actually get to see real world wave forms, real world scenarios that are taken from real world cases.

One of the things when you’re in simulation, it’s all about illusion. So if it looks like the real thing then people will treat it like the real thing. You can put this in a theatre, you can put it in an ICU, you can put it in an ambulance and it will look and feel like the real thing.

The reason that people will use our systems over traditional systems is it’s highly cost effective, it’s very accurate, it’s very realistic, and it’s very, very affordable.

Currently we sell our products in 43 countries and in organisations as well known as UCLA, University of Berlin, Fire Department of New York. There is no translation required at our end.

Exporting to us is very important. It’s actually now almost 90% of our business is done in exports.

As an organisation, winning the Award was a tremendous boost to the entire team. Everybody had a bit more of a spring in their step, they felt that what they were doing actually did make a difference and that was being acknowledged. So for us, to win something, we took that as a pretty good pat on the back.