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>>Leonie Muldoon: Japanese foreign investment into Australia is really critical. So Japan is our third largest source of direct foreign investment, it’s been an investor in some really critical sectors for us that have really helped develop the Australian economy and it continues to be really important. Over the last six years we’ve seen Japanese direct foreign investment double and even in the last year, if we look at new direct foreign investment from Japan, it’s been double the level of Chinese direct foreign investment into Australia. So it’s a substantial part of, I guess, investment into our economy and it continues to grow. So I’d say Japanese investment into Australia has really been a critical part of our economic development.

I think the areas that are of keen interest from the Japanese side are agri-food sector. We already have some key players here - Asahi obviously, Hakubaku, Edoen] Yakult, all have successful businesses in that sector here. But there’s also significant investment in wheat exports, dairy, meat and I think there is an appetite on the Japanese side to sort of grow their investment in Australia in those key areas.

Japanese investors I think can benefit from Austrade assistance through introduction to players in the market, to key government entities that might be providing support programs or might otherwise be able to facilitate approvals or licenses, etc.

But also I think we tend to have a very good understanding of the market dynamics and market players and we can help organisations that are looking to establish a beachhead or a foothold in the market, to understand how to go about that, what the tricks of the trade might be, how they can more quickly and more easily establish the beachhead that they’re looking for.