Transcript - Mining Indaba 2014 - Hervé Hamelin, Aconex

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>>Hervé Hamelin: So our company, Aconex, has been doing business in the African region for almost 10 years now. We have supported multiple projects in South Africa, for example, leading to the World Cup we helped build a number of the stadiums. We’ve also -- and airports like the King Shaka International Airport. We have also been involved in energy and resources projects like Transnet, the pipeline project, and we’ve been helping numerous mining corporations, whether Lincorp Vale, ARM, all companies of this kind. So yes, we have quite an experience of supporting the African market.

Australians are quite flexible and adaptable. They quite easily get on with things even if it’s a quite tough environment and that’s really a powerful thing. As far as we’re concerned, we also... we have developed a global presence. We are present in more than 40 offices around the world so that we can support the projects locally where people are situated. And we think also there is a unique approach to Australian companies and Australian people which is this ability to treat people fairly and really help -- want to help people succeed and that’s what make us, I believe, successful.

Our company’s motivation for seeking opportunities in Africa -- there’s multiple folds. First of all, it’s good business; there is lots of projects happening. There is, and not only just in Southern Africa but also in other parts of Africa. So our company’s motivations for doing business in Africa are multiple really. First of all it’s... we are a global company and we support projects globally. So we support project participants wherever they are in the world.

Second, in Africa there is actually lots of things going on, lots of projects, lots of mining projects, lots of infrastructure projects, energy projects and commercial, residential, lots of things going on really. So for us it’s good business and as we are an Australian company and used to being doing business in multiple geographic locations, the specific challenges that you might find in Africa, being sometimes remote projects, sometimes with difficult access to infrastructure, IT and stuff like this, are things we are used to dealing with. So Africa is no different to us than the rest of the world and also we do these projects, we contribute to the progress and wellbeing of the people we support and we’re like that in Africa as well.


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