Transcript - Mining Indaba 2014 - Mark Stickells, Energy & Minerals Institute

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>>Mark Stickells: Hi, my name is Mark Stickells. I’m the Deputy Director at the Energy and Minerals Institute at the University of Western Australia and this is my first visit to Mining Indaba.

The University of Western Australia is an active supporter of research and education activities in Africa. We work in currently over 20 countries delivering education and research programs.

We get tremendous support from the Australian Government to do this. We have a number of programs that are fully funded by the Australian Government and the opportunity to participate in the Australia Lounge is really a good anchor for us to meet and host activities that support those education and research programs that we’re currently running.

We hosted a university forum on our first day at Mining Indaba and that was attended by several universities from around Australia, but also international universities that are drawn to Australia’s expertise and activities that we conduct in Africa.

I’m really keen to see what results from participating in Mining Indaba. I think there’s a number of opportunities, meetings that we’ve had with government officials and likeminded universities from around the world that really do reflect that there’s a great opportunity for us to work in this country and contribute Australian expertise to really benefiting nations across Africa.


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