Transcript: Sentek Technologies Case Study


Nick Ktoris: Sentek is an Australian based company that produces world leading technology. It was founded back in 1991 in the driest continent, in the driest state on earth with a vision to scientifically find a better way to help irrigators irrigate efficiently and effectively.

We install sensors into the ground that produces scientific insights into soil moisture monitoring.

We mainly design and develop and manufacture all of the soil moisture monitoring equipment here, right here in South Australia. We have our head office here in Adelaide. We help farmers, environmentalists and researchers to actually have a look at the water dynamics within the soil profile and in this way they can actually enhance the way that they look at either their research or the way that they’re irrigating so that they can get a better output for their production.

What it’s really all about in a nutshell is when to irrigate and how much to irrigate. That’s really what we do. The return on investment on using the Sentek product can be astronomical. You can save up to 80% of water, you can reduce your pruning costs, you can save your fertiliser.

Sentek is basically a green product in the sense that it’s environmentally friendly. As a result of using the Sentek product we can help the environment by producing better crop with less water.

Export is very important to us as a business. We’re in 82 countries around the world, 80% of our revenue is derived from export. Sentek won the National 2016 Environmental Solutions Award. It’s the first time in South Australia that anyone’s ever won that award.

One of the big benefits that Sentek has seen since winning the Export Award, it’s given our employees a sense of purpose again. I think it’s increased their efforts in the business. Basically just a massive morale booster. People have been talking about it and it’s just unbelievable.