Transcript: Typefi Systems Case Study


Chandi Perera: Typefi is a software company. We build automation and software platforms for publishing companies.

The main reason people want to use the software is it increases the efficiency of their publishing process, so it reduces their time to market.

Traditionally the way to make a book is you have an author who would author the book or the content creators who’d create the content and then it would go into a production process, and this is traditionally a very manual process with one or more graphic designers literally copying and pasting content from a Word document or some source document into a final laid out file.

This could take somewhere between a few hours to a few months. Our software automates that process. So after the editorial process is finished it takes that content from that source file and then creates automatically the outputs or PDF, print, ePub, iBooks, Kindle and so on.

We focus on helping our customers to reduce their production time to get their content to market faster. Typefi also enables customers to output their content into marketable formats, not just online but in many formats, over 30 formats.

We have many customers who use Typefi to access all these other platforms at what they call zero incremental cost.

Typically our customers would save somewhere between 60-80% of their production time. Time is the primary driver.

Obviously if you reduce a process that used to take 70 man days into six man hours, then that is reducing your costs substantially but also it is going to increase the revenue opportunities. So if you are first to market with a product it’s a much better chance that you become dominant product in market.

It was great to win the 2016 Export Award for us. It helped us get more momentum in the Australian market. It helped us validate our business model, especially in Australia and it helped us kind of point at what we’re doing and saying, look, we are doing something effective, this is something that is making a difference.